1st European

EJC Rotterdam 2001

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Jolleystick-EM 2001


1. Devil-Henning (D)
2. Markus Furtner (D)
3. Pierrick Lamy (F)
4. Nick Christian (UK)


Jan Farrow (UK)
Nick Christian (UK)
Pierrick Lamy (F)
Florent (F)
Eemeli Aro (Finnland)
Anita Kainar (GER
Jan Bernd (
Markus Furtner (
Tim Wenzion (
Devil-Henning (
Alex (
Christoph (

2nd European Jolleystick-Competition

During the European Juggling Convention 2002 in Bremen there will be the second jolleystick competition. Jolleystick is like Jolleyclub, but played with a devilstick. The rules are described below.

At the convention info board there will be more details of the competition. If you want to take part please sign up the list there or send an eMail.

The event is sponsored by the devilstick vendors Jedinat and Akrobat - there will be nice prizes for the winners ! Please visit the websites of our sponsors.

Here is a description of jolleystick and the rules of the game:


Jolleystick is like volley ball or volley club, but played with a devilstick. You play the devilstick over a net into the opposite field. The oppunend has to catch it and throw it back over the net. It is one player vs another player. 


The field size is 3x3 meter wich is approx. 10x10 ft. The net height is 1,50m or 5 feet.


Each player only uses one handstick. The service has to be a propeller throw and must not touch the net. You can throw back the devilstick in every plane you want (propeller, helicopter, saw).

The devilstick is outside the field, if the first contact of both ends is outside the field. So if the first contact of the left end or the first contact of the right end of the stick is in the field, it's ok - no matter where the devilstick is coming to rest.

A fault is caused by the following reasons:
- the devilstick is dropped
- the devilstick is outside the field
- the devilstick touches your body
- a player touches the net


Every point counts, after 5 points service changes like at table tennis. A game is finished at 21 points.